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Friday, June 16, 2006

Father's Day Blues

Today I woke up in one of the worst moods ever. I realized once more that my father is gone. Yeah, it's almost 10 years since he passed away and it hurts just like the first year. On the radio, they played the Butterfly Kisses and just started to bawl. He was not there to give me away at my wedding, even though it was at City Hall. My youngest will not know her grandfather. She has only seen him in pictures and she knows that's her grandfather. Don't ask me how, she just knows. My oldest got to know my father. She was his favorite out of all the grandkids. When he would go away to DR, he would tell me to make sure nothing happened to her. I miss that man too much. This is a picture of him in his twenties or thirties. My mom had me clean up the picture on my laptop.


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